Esteban Diacono


Esteban Diacono is a motion graphics designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Self thought, he acquired knowledge and expertise working in almost every aspect of the visual communication world. Graphic Design, Editing, Color Grading, Post Production, Compositing and 2D and 3D animation.
During his early career years in Córdoba City (where he was born), Esteban was involved in the making of more than one hundred commercials, many of them winners of various prizes in the region, Like Lapiz de Plata, Lapiz de Platino, FIAP, etc. After some years, he relocated to Buenos Aires, pursuing a career more focused on branding and animation. He started Working for Steinbranding, the legendary branding studio that used to reinvent the way television was presented in Argentina. He had the opportunity to work and learn from the best and most talented visual communicators around. He was deeply involved in branding campaigns for Fox, FX, Cosmopolitan, Travel & Living, Discovery Channel, Hallmark, and many international brands, having been part of many Promax Award pieces and campaigns.
After 3 great years at Steinbranding, he took a new job as a Senior Animation Director at Studio Freak, a small but highly talended group of people focused on Ids, commercials and more elaborated VFX work. Working there he had the chance to greatly expand his knowledge of 3D rendering, lightning and texturing, as well as Fluids and particle simulations, learning to use a variety of tools such as Real Flow, Softimage ICE, etc.
In August 2009 he created a self-initiated music video for the young Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, that later become one of the most praised works of the year. The video for “Ljósið” (“The Light”) has been viewed more than 9 million times over countless sites, and was featured in publications such as idN, Stash, Computer Arts Magazine and was presented in festivals all around the world like OneDotZero, Flux, Art Futura, Mexicali, Citrus, Cut Out Fest and many more.
After the success of that video, he started a solo carrer, focused on motion design and direction. He has gathered clients from all over the world, working on numerous projects for Australia, Japan, UK, India, Turkey, Spain, the United States, Iceland, etc.
He has collaborated on site and off site with many companies on the US, UK, Europe and Asia. In 2011 he produced a commercial for TBWA Singapore in Singapore and also spent 2 months in New York working for Charlex Inc. During that year he collaborated in many projects for UK based studios, like The Found Collective, Studio Output, Marshmallow Laser Fest, Immersive among others and is often recognized as a great team player and leader.
He is being represented as a director by a few companies all over the world, like PaintBox in Mumbai, India; Golova in Moscow; Dreambox in Turkey and is being featured in the demo reels of a USA companies like D’avant Garde media, The Signal Factory and other as a motion designer.
During the past years he has also started giving some lectures and training courses, like in 2010-2011 in the University Iberoamericana from México. In July 2013 he gave a talk at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona, one of the most important festivals in the world and was named as a key speaker by Computer Arts Magazine (UK) among more than 40+ speakers.
Also in 2013 he spent 3 months in New York collaboration on site with Sagmeister & Walsh, one of the most famous design studios in the world. He produced a piece called «Be More Flexible» for the studio’s 6 Things Exhinition at the Jewish Museum in New York City. The piece has been cited as one of show’s best, and it’s also currently being presented in The Happy Show, a new S&W exhibit in Boston.
His body of work is incredibly diverse, having worked on music video clips, game design, brand films, educational campaigns, live visuals, mapping projects, tv branding and advertising, vfx, show openers for the BBC, experimental projects, etc.
During 2012 he worked closely with the Buenos Aires Government on educational projects, aimed to deliver information to the people in a much more modern and pleasant way, more in tone with the current times. He is a strong believer in not-underestimating people, and most of that work was higly praised for addressing key issues like education and new techologies in a fun, interesting way.
He also has contributed pro-bono to personal causes and requests, usually based around his Ljosio project. The video and the original project files have been given for free to numerous persons; from teachers working with deaf kids to neurologists working and studiyng sinesthesia.
He currently spends half a year in Buenos Aires, and the other half travelling and working abroad.

Artist Details

Name: Esteban Diacono

Category: Video

City: Buenos Aires, AR