Camilo Huinca


Camilo Huinca (1988), better known as Onlyjoke, lives in Santiago, Chile, and has divided his career between graphic design and painting. Well considered in underground art scene and visual media in town. Onlyjoke has accomplished, through codes, synthesis and just a few tools, a personal style of communication.

Camilo gathers in a familiar and funny way intimate moments or common circumstances in lower class neighborhoods. Onlyjoke’s portafolio, includes installation art both large and medium scale, murals, ceramic sculptures, printings and acrylic paintings, among other media.

Onlyjoke, develops his style within accurate and easy to identify situations, describing, with a few elements, relations, combats, affections and interests.

Onlyjoke has worked with several brands like: Nike, Jack Daniel’s, Puma, Fox, etc. Besides his personal work, Camilo is one of Perfe design studio co-founders and collaborator in various enterprises and local initiatives.

Artist Details

Name: Camilo Huinca a.k.a. onlyjoke

Category: Art & digital art

From: Santiago de Chile,